@everydaycarebot is a Twitter bot designed, built and maintained by Emily Reynolds, a writer and mental health activist. The bot is designed to automatically tweet practical but thoughtful reminders of ways people can look after themselves, particularly when they have ongoing mental health problems or problems with executive function. A list of the suggestions the bot will be tweeting can be found here

Unlike other self care websites, bots and blogs, @everydaycarebot focuses on small, manageable and most of all practical tasks. The intention isn't to make mental illness go away - obviously, that's not how it works. What it is meant to do, however, is periodically remind people to engage in small, proactive and positive steps to keep their living conditions more manageable.

Small actions like spending two minutes cleaning a keyboard, filling a plastic supermarket bag with floor detritus or having a glass of water isn't going to suddenly make you well, but it can give you a small boost when you're feeling worthless or low, and can be a positive first step towards bigger actions. 

The bot is also an attempt to balance out some of the more indulgent self care lists out there - having a nap or taking a bath might sometimes be necessary or useful, but attempting to tackle neglected chores is also self care. Obviously, "going for a manicure" is more glamorous and fun than "opening your mail" - but no matter how much you might not want to, you gotta open your mail some time. 

The space @everydaycarebot takes up on Twitter, as well as this space, is intended to be non-judgemental and encouraging without being patronising, and without offering non-practical "positive affirmations" or platitudes about self-worth or self-love. There will be no suggestions about taking up yoga or following particular diets here. It recognises and respects the often horrific experience of low-functioning chronic illness, and builds upon that understanding to create a space that you can, hopefully, positively engage with. 

You can follow @everydaycarebot on Twitter - if you have any questions, or if you want to suggest something to add to the self-care list, you can get me on email at emilyoliviareynolds@gmail.com